Friday, February 4th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

PhotoCopy: interesting new quick grading tool?

Digital Film Tools has released PhotoCopy: a new plug-in for transferring the key visual attributes of one digital image to another. Host packages include Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut Pro, among others.

According to the developer: “We have painstakingly analyzed the brightness, color, tone, detail, grain and texture of some of the world’s greatest movies, paintings, photographs and historical photographic processes. The DNA of these masterpieces can now be applied to your very own images.”

As well as an extensive range of presets, the plug-in enables users to select their own source material and works with moving footage, potentially making it a useful tool for quick-and-dirty grading work.

Other suggested uses veer more towards the hobbyist market: while it’s fun to give your photos the surface texture of Van Gogh’s Cornfield with Flight of Crows, we’re not sure it has much use in professional work.

Still, an interesting tool. An After Effects licence of PhotoCopy costs $195.

Read full details on the Digital Film Tools website