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Eye candy: Ladybug

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Many studios want to break into cinematics. Few have the initiative to sit down and create one off their own bat.

But that’s precisely what Chilean VFX studio Leyenda has just done, creating Ladybug, a reveal for a fictional game. The 15-man team completed the work in around seven weeks, in moments between commercial projects.

The spot was created in modo, Mudbox, Maya and Nuke, plus Peregrine Labs’ new Bokeh plugin and some stock pyro footage. All of the staples of the genre (ships, space marines, explosions, dust) are present and correct.

Leyenda now plans to expand the cinematic into a complete short.

From dust to ducks
Leyenda’s other work, which leans more towards the comic than the gritty, is also worth checking out.

The studio’s portfolio includes the snappy comic short Buey de Piraña, created for the Chilemonas animation festival, and which featured on a lot of the industry blogs, and some cute talking animal work.

Now if only there were a game that pitted space marines against talking ducklings. We’d pay good money for it.

Visit Leyenda’s website

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