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Video: see CryEngine 3’s soft body physics in action

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 | Posted by Jim Thacker

The team behind open-source vehicle simulator Rigs of Rods has released a longish demo video showing the soft body physics system in CryEngine 3 in action.

For almost four minutes, trucks wobble over humps in the road, fly off ramps and crash into walls in beautiful slow motion, their fenders rippling like Jell-O.

According to the on-screen captions, the demo runs at 100fps and was created in Rigs of Rods’ proprietary, CryEngine-based Beam physics system.

As work in progress, there are a few collision issues (“We’re working on it”), but nothing too significant.

All in all, it’s something to ponder as you wait for Crysis 3 – although we’re sure vehicles with suspension like this haven’t been road-legal for at least 30 years.

Visit the Rigs of Rods website

Read more about the physics system in CryEngine 3 on Crytek’s website

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