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3DAliens ships GPU-based version of glu3D for Max

Friday, January 13th, 2012 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Fluid simulation with glu3D, in a video recorded by Visual Effects Tutorials. Developer 3DAliens’ latest update enables the 3ds Max plug-in to take advantage of CUDA GPUs for calculations.

3DAliens has released a GPU-accelerated version of glu3D, its fluid simulation plugin for 3ds Max.

There’s no information on the developer’s website as to what kind of speed boost can be expected – and being CUDA-based, you’ll only see the benefits if you’re using a Nvidia GPU – but a new demo is available, so you can experiment for yourself.

The plugin has also been updated to run under 3ds Max 2012. As far as we can see, there has been no update to the Maya and Softimage versions of the plugin.

glu3D GPU for 3ds Max costs €595 (around $760). The non-GPU version costs €395 (around $500).

Read more about the GPU-accelerated version of glu3D
(Includes download link for demo version.)

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