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SHOT Pro offers real-time rendering in the cloud

Friday, January 28th, 2011 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Bunkspeed’s SHOT Pro. Targeted at visualisation professionals, the $3,495 app has just added cloud support.

Bunkspeed has added cloud support to SHOT Pro, its photorealistic rendering software.

The Bunkspeed Cloud Solution uses mental images’ RealityServer 3D web services platform to enable users to complete renders online much more quickly than would be possible on a single workstation.

The news follows last year’s announcement that Bunkspeed was to base its current product line on mental images’ iray, following the departure of the developers of its previous rendering system to form Luxion.

mental images itself has long promoted a vision of 3D technology running in the cloud, with individual artists needing little more than a netbook to complete their work.

Does this latest announcement bring that vision a step closer? Only time will tell.

Bunkspeed®, a leading provider of 3D rendering and animation software for the design and creative industry, today introduced the Bunkspeed® Cloud Solution at Solidworks World 2011 in San Antonio. The Bunkspeed Cloud Solution, including Bunkspeed SHOT Pro™, leverages NVIDIA® GPUs to enable to publish photorealistic scenes or 3D content to the Web for real time visualizing and interacting from anywhere in the world, on almost any device via a web browser.

Running in an NVIDIA GPU-based cloud environment, the Bunkspeed Cloud solution uses the mental images’ RealityServer® 3D web application services platform to empower users in the automotive design, architectural visualization, engineering, marketing, and consumer product design fields to create and collaborate on stunningly photorealistic visualizations without having to wait for images to render on their workstation. It also allows for non-CAD decision-makers to view and review such projects, all through the web, a platform that provides hardware resources that dynamically scale based on utilization requirements

“Providing interactive and photorealistic 3D web solutions in the Cloud with our RealityServer and iray technologies is where the industry is heading,” says Randy Ochs, mental images VP Business Development and Sales, North America. “Seeing what Bunkspeed has done with Bunkspeed Cloud to deliver this seamlessly to anybody, anywhere will change the game, yet again.”

About Bunkspeed SHOT Pro
SHOT Pro is the world’s first hybrid 3D rendering application that produces stunningly photorealistic images and 360-degree animation with ease. SHOT Pro empowers digital designers to turn concepts into reality with its “all digital camera” with interactive ray-tracing and intuitive interface. SHOT Pro enables users to perfectly simulate real-world lighting and materials — including the subtle effects of indirect illumination and refraction — in minutes rather than hours. Additionally, SHOT Pro integrated with mental image’s iray® rendering technology leverages NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics solutions to enable a combination of unprecedented power, elegance and accuracy.

SHOT Pro seamlessly integrates with Solidworks 2011 and other leading CAD applications – via a plug-in or importer – allowing users to add materials, change out lighting environments and apply various back plates to produce stunningly photorealistic results.

Pricing and Availability
Bunkspeed SHOT Pro is currently available for the Windows platform for $3,495 USD.

Information and pricing for Bunkspeed Cloud-based configurations are available upon request. Please contact Bunkspeed at:

Download a trial version of SHOT Pro

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