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Pixar, PTEX and Mudbox

Thursday, August 19th, 2010 | Posted by Leonard Teo

“Pixar did a special guest technology presentation at Siggraph showing off Disney’s PTEX technology working inside Autodesk Mudbox. Amazing technology that everyone is scrambling for.”


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  • Trond E.H.

    Look forward to the one-button version.

  • udaya vel

    no more UV layouts…no more UV seams… way to go!!!!

  • Ted Via

    Just to clear up a little point… Ptex is not a Pixar technology. It is a creation/invention of Disney Animation and made open source. Pixar, like many others, have simply adopted it.

  • @Ted – yes you’re right and I missed that point. I copied and pasted that quote from the Autodesk youtube channel. Updated.

  • chienyih

    wow, this is an awesome contribution to make our job more convinient! imagine we have to locate all the UV’s ourselves b4

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