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Sketchfab’s models of the month: April 2020

Friday, May 8th, 2020 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Sketchfab provides a simple way for anyone to publish and share their 3D models online. To celebrate the best in real-time 3D art, we asked the Sketchfab team to pick the 10 greatest models on the site this month.

To interact with a model in 3D, click the large Play icon in the centre of the frame.
To find out more about a model, click the small Sketchfab logo on the bottom left of the frame.


Droid Workshop Kitchen by Natalie Crabtree
392.9k triangles (after conversion)

Based on a concept by waneella. See making-of images in Natalie’s ArtStation gallery.


OutRun Arcade Machine by Glen Fox
24.1k triangles (after conversion), animated

Based on the classic Sega arcade game


We Can Do It! by Eric Lynx Lin
14.4k triangles (after conversion), animated

An animated version of the classic World War II propaganda poster


Neko by Mex3DArt
50.8k triangles (after conversion)

Based on a concept by kunitarouart


Suramar Shrine by Jessica Murphy
7.3k triangles (after conversion), animated

World of Warcraft fan art


Of Planes and Satellites by Loïc Norgeot
4k triangles

2,200 real-world satellite orbits and 67,000 flight routes visualised in 3D

Download the 3D model in gltF and USDZ format under a Creative Commons Attribution licence


Kyoshi warrior Suki (ATLA fanart) by Lukas Walzer
105.8k triangles (after conversion)

A 3D reinterpretation of Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender


Norman by Agathe Girard
1.2M triangles

A 2D reinterpretation of Triple Self-Portrait by Norman Rockwell. Modeling by Katia Morel


Cabriolet from the concept by Warkarma
371.2k triangles (after conversion)

Based on a concept by Nikolay Asparuhov


Sangenjaya neighbourhood at night – Tokyo by Raiz
399.9k triangles

Want to vote for a model of the month? Just Like your favourites on the Sketchfab site, or upload your own!

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