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Pixel Splincher releases Bricolage for iOS

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 | Posted by Jim Thacker

The wonderfully named developer Pixel Splincher has released Bricolage: a complete node-based compositing app for iOS devices that it claims to be capable of working on HD footage in real time.

A mobile tool familiar to users of desktop compositing software
Bricolage resembles a standard desktop compositing package shrunk down to fit mobile devices, with a familiar dark grey UI theme, and a conventional node graph for creating composites.

Workflow looks well thought out for small screens, as you can see in this video by beta tester Andy Probst.

Standard core functionality, and some interesting extras
Over 100 “basic effects” are available: we couldn’t find a complete list online, but the screenshots on Pixel Splincher’s site give you some idea of the range of options available.

The app can process HD video in real time – the website says you can zoom in while playing back, although we aren’t sure about anything more complex – and there are half- and quarter-resolution proxy modes.

Neatly, it also takes advantage of Apple’s face-recognition technology to automatically mask and replace faces. You can even use it for greenscreen keying if you make an in-app purchase to remove a watermark.

Pricing and availablity
Bricolage is available for iOS 8.0+. As well as iPads, the app is optimised for iPhone 5 and above. It costs $2.99.

Read more about Bricolage on Pixel Splincher’s website

Read more about Bricolage on the iTunes App Store

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