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Digital Sculpting | July

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 | Posted by CG Channel Administration


Contest Rules:
Time for another sculpting challenge. This time, it will be based around one of the most challenging issues we faced on John Carter. Namely, how do you do multiple anatomical limbs and make them feel believable. Notice the operative word here is believable, not anatomically correct. Believability is what we are after in storytelling. Not necessarily literal accuracy.

So, what I want to see is your most outlandish multiple limb character. It can be cute, dangerous, exotic. Up to you. The more limbs the better. You just need to make me “believe” in the character and perhaps that the anatomy, “just might work”. I love “Over the Top”, so don’t be afraid to dabble a bit there.

– Kevin

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First Place
Ramzi B

Second Place

Third Place


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