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Get messiahStudio for $10

Monday, February 7th, 2011 | Posted by Jim Thacker

The state of pmG’s Kickstarter offer, as of 2pm PST on Monday 7 February.

pmG Worldwide is running an interesting new viral promotion for its animation software: anyone signing up on its website can buy the standard edition of messiahStudio 5.0 for just $10 and the Pro edition for just $40 – but only if the company reaches its target number of orders.

It’s pretty much the same deal as Kickstarter funding, minus a definite closing date. On its website, pmG says that it will simply refund everyone’s money if the target is not met, but there’s no indication of when that will be.

Nor is there any indication of what the sales target actually is – although with the progress bar having reached 20% complete within (we think) a single day, there seems a good chance that pmG will reach its goal.

messiahStudio normally costs $499 for the standard edition and $1,195 for the Pro edition. The offer is limited to four licences per customer. Existing users of messiahStudio 5.0 who sign up for the offer “may receive a credit or refund of the difference in price”, according to the pmG website.

Order messiahStudio at the discounted rate

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