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Eye candy: (not particularly) new trailer for The Goon

Friday, November 19th, 2010 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Does the idea of a movie directed produced by David Fincher and animated by Blur Studio float your boat?

No? Then how about the idea of a movie directed produced by David Fincher, animated by Blur and based on Dark Horse’s Eisner Award-winning comic?

Still no? Then how about the idea of a movie directed produced by Fincher, animated by Blur, based on an award-winning comic, and featuring scenes of smart-aleckry, car-surfing and partying with zombies? Jeez… tough crowd.

For those of you more readily convinced, the trailer is online now, and almost lives up to those Fight-Club-meets-Gopher-Broke-meets-Hellboy comparisons that the line-up invites. Click the player above to see it.

Note: as has now been pointed out, this version also dates from Comic-Con this year, not just the 45-second teaser. Consider this post a monument to basic idiocy. The video is still great, though.

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  • SomeDude

    this isn’t new guys…. was released for comic-con… also: The Goon is not slated to be directed by David Fincher, but rather produced. better research probably would be in order. a quick hop over to imdb :

  • I stand corrected on both counts. I thought the Comic-Con version was the 45-second teaser, not this version. And apologies to Jeff Fowler and Tim Miller, who are actually directing. Oops.

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