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Polygonal Design releases Unfold3D 7

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Density map painting in action in Unfold3D 7. The new feature enables users to control where higher resolution is required in the textures by painting directly onto the model being unwrapped.

Polygonal Design has released a new update for Unfold3D, its automatic UV unwrapping tool.

The developer claims the new ISOMAP algorithm used in version 7 reduces texture stretching by a factor of two.

Other new features include a rather nifty-looking density map painting system, which enables users to control areas of the UV map where higher resolution is required by painting directly onto the model being unwrapped.

The release also adds local UV optimization, enabling users to isolate and automatically correct problem areas of a map; an improved Relax function; and new Angle Optimize and AutoPin options.

Unfold3D 7 costs €299 for a basic licence. An update for the 3ds Max plug-in is still in development.

View the complete list of new features


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