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Get free online turntables of your 3D models

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Note: image only – click the link at the foot of the page to see the interactive version.

New website enables users to create interactive turntables of 3D models for free.

Users can upload videos or sequences of rendered frames to the site and edit them using the online tools. The frames are then compiled in a 360-degree turntable and stored on’s cloud.

The resulting turntable can then be embedded in a website or Facebook page.

Another tool enables viewers to control and replay a video clip in slow motion by scrubbing back and forth on the image: potentially useful when posting online demo reel material.

There are currently a handful of sample turntables online: fine for seeing the basic form of a model, although we’re not yet sure if the service supports an image resolution high enough to show off the kind of detail you would need when posting an online reel. More information when we have it.

Update: according to Dr. Stefano Padilla of, “we haven’t set [a maximum resolution] but Flash is limited to 2k x 2k or 4k x 4k in newer versions of the Flash player. I would not recommend those sizes, though: the file sizes get quite big, so it is like buffering a 1080p movie.”


View a sample turntable of a mech robot

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