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Feeling Naughty?

Monday, June 28th, 2010 | Article by Sanaa Khan

Care Bear + Jason = Naughty Bear

Naughty Bear is an action video game based on diabolical cuteness. You play the character Naughty Bear, a rejected member of the bear community on the Island of Perfection. When the other bears decide not to invite you to a big birthday party… *ANEURISM* That’s it! You’ve had it with being treated like sh*t on the island and now you will take the justice you deserve. At this point you are free to commit unspeakable acts against the residents to earn ‘Naughty Points’!

When antagonizing other bears, the more creative and elaborate your kill is, the higher your score will be. Making your victims suffer is a key part to earning naughty points based on the game’s fear-based multiplier system. These multipliers are earned through acts of naughtiness such as disabling the electrical box and lurking in the shadows until an unsuspecting bear runs out to fix it. You nab this opportunity to electrocute your victim by shoving his face into the electrical box. And, if other bears witness this heinous act… *CHA-CHING*. Continue to startle and frighten the bears until they can’t take it anymore and they will commit harakiri! This is a great way to earn more points but it is riskier than gutting them when they are alone and most vulnerable. However, dead bears cannot call the popo, so in some instances it might be safer to eliminate your victims. You will encounter a steady level of increasing difficulty and new sets of weapons as you progress through the game; your prey will also become more intelligent and aggressive and may even take the initiative to call the authorities if they sense you hiding out  in the yard.

Share your sadistic adventures with your friends by recording your best assassinations to see how you stack up against your peers. Compare your kills, achievements, and trophies to see who is really the King of Naughty. In addition to all the havoc you can wreak by yourself, you can also release your madness on four of your friends in the multi-player mode. This video will explain more:

My sneak peak of Naughty Bear at E3 led me to believe that it is indeed a game with the potential to keep me engaged indefinitely with its endless supply of amusement. The gameplay is unpredictable and will always give a different experience based on what choices are made and what challenges arise. Beyond that, the premise is an original and much needed breath of fresh air from all the other similarly themed games out there. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on this game; unfortunately though, there is no PC version, so the Xboxers and Playsationers should have at it and be as devious as possible.


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