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Beautiful Grim Art Auction

Monday, June 7th, 2010 | Posted by Bob Ward

In March we posted an article about an art auction that was being organized by Mythic concept artist Mike “Daarken” Lim and Dreamworks Animator Leif Jeffers, to raise funds for Mike’s girlfriend, Cat Rey who went through a bilateral mastectomy and 16 weeks of chemotherapy.

Artists from around the video game and movie industries came together under a common theme: Beautiful Grim. These artists donated their art to Mike and Leif in hopes of raising funds for the costs of Cat’s medical expenses and any excess amounts will be put directly towards a breast cancer charity.

They are doing the auction of work through They have already had an amazing success with the first round of artwork that was put up for auction, raising $5,602.21!

They are currently auctioning off the second round of artwork featuring the following artists:

Tom Bagshaw
M.C. Matz
Sarah Gonzalez
Ben Thompson
Gayle Wheatley
Michael Corriero
Lettie Lo
Willie Real
Sergio Lopez
Everette Downing
Jeff Miracola
Martha Chan
Dominique Fung
Michael Phillippi
Simon Otto
Richard Sardinha
Tracy Flynn
Jessica Ward
Simon Christen
Victoria Ying
The Loin
Eric Braddock
Josh Cole
Evan Hunt
Patricia Smith
Scott Altmann
Jessa Sininger
Chenoa Lindsey
Kristen Perry
Katy Hargrove
Kekai Kotaki
Dan Cole
Aaron Coberly
Katy Hargrove
Richard Anderson
Horia Dociu
Daren Bader
Christophe Lautrette
Eric Favela
Shyla Ford
Lisa Evans
Joy Ang
Christine Griffin
Dave Kendall
Ben Jelter
Anastasia Belova
James Schneider
Andrew “Android” Jones
Kevan Shorey
Lindsey Messecar

Please check out the auction here. It is a great chance for you to get a great deal on some truly amazing works by extremely talented artists and help out some one in need at the same time.

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