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VFX Oscar Nominee: District 9

Friday, February 12th, 2010 | Posted by Leonard Teo

A contender for the VFX Oscar this year is Neil Blomkamp’s District 9. Other contenders are Avatar and Star Trek.

Film Synopsis: The arrival of an enormous disabled spaceship over Johannesburg, South Africa, has led to the establishment of a refugee camp on the city’s outskirts for the ship’s starving, stranded aliens. Leading an attempt to relocate its inhabitants to a more remote location is security expert Wikus van de Merwe, whose lack of knowledge about the visitors will undergo a dramatic change when he becomes infected with an alien substance.

District 9 Behind the Scenes Featurette

Wired – Special Effects Add to Realism in District 9


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4 responses to “VFX Oscar Nominee: District 9”

  1. Dominic Alderson said:

    Nice videos – especially the last one. I very much doubt it will win the oscar for reasons we all know. That said, it deserves recognition for doing so much on a much smaller budget. Hope their weren’t too many late nights for the artists! It was worth it.

    8:16 am on Friday, February 12, 2010

  2. jack anon said:

    What reasons is that? Are you referring to Avatar?

    I thought District 9 had more substance than Avatar. Avatar had some pretty good 3d aspects of the film, but I thought District 9’s effects looked more realistic. People are blinded by the eye candy of Avatar. The story has been told over and over. Avatar does not add much of a spin to this story. The acting is nothing special. Script is B rated at best. Cameron isn’t known for his writing. The many shots rendered lacked consistency.

    District 9 had a much more appealing storyline. With such a small budget, the visual effects were comparable to many high budget movies. Overall I thought district 9 was the better movie, but I’m sure I am in the minority. How sad…

    9:42 am on Friday, February 12, 2010

  3. Besar said:

    District 9 deserves a VFX Oscar .

    12:18 pm on Friday, February 12, 2010

  4. SteveB said:

    ‘District 9’ features some great work but ‘Avatar’ is immaculate all the way through. Practically every shot in the film is a VFX shot and it’s in stereo. The consistency is astonishing. It’s a moon shot of a film. Enormously expensive but enormously successful too.

    The story and anything else don’t matter in a discussion about the VFX.

    In any other year ‘District 9’ would have a chance, but it would probably still be beaten by a ‘Harry Potter’ or a ‘Star Trek’, this year they all have the bad luck to be up against ‘Avatar’.

    7:31 am on Monday, February 15, 2010

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