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  • Pilgway releases beta of 3D-Coat 4.5

    January 5, 2015 | 3 comments

    Voxel sculpting package gets new PBR materials system. Download the new beta and try it for yourself. Read More »

  • 3D-Coat gets new, improved UV algorithm – by accident

    March 13, 2014 | 1 comment

    New Global Uniform unfolding system was originally only added to fix a crash, says 3D-Coat blog. Read More »

  • Aartform releases Curvy 3D 3.0

    September 24, 2013

    Cheap, intuitive modeller strengthens toolset with new ZBrush-like mesh subdivision and decimation systems. Read More »

  • Pilgway ships 3D-Coat 4.0

    May 30, 2013

    Now out of beta: voxel sculpting package gets new Live Clay dynamic mesh system and 3D paint tools. Read More »

  • Discover the new features of 3D-Coat 4.0

    April 16, 2013

    Pilgway posts nice new video tour of its voxel sculpting package. But still no word on when 4.0 is out of beta. Read More »

  • 3D-Coat 4.0 in open beta

    October 8, 2012

    Try the update to the voxel sculpting and retopology app today on Windows: Mac and Linux to follow. Read More »

  • Download 125 new ZBrush and 3D-Coat brushes

    April 18, 2012

    Get free custom ZBrush brushes created by artist Michael Dunnam, now converted for use in 3D-Coat. Read More »

  • Pixologic ships ZBrush 4R2b

    January 25, 2012

    Developer releases free ZBrush update and announces upcoming QRemesher retopology add-on. Read More »

  • 3D-Coat 3.7 ships

    November 15, 2011

    Hefty update to sculpting and retopology package adds AppLink import/export plug-ins, improved Booleans and instancing tools. Read More »

  • Learn 3D figure work from Jeremy Engelman

    June 20, 2011

    Three-hour Gnomon training DVD reveals the 3D 'gesture painting' workflow of the DreamWorks character artist. Read More »

  • Video: 3D-Coat’s new voxel instancing functionality

    December 30, 2010

    Demo video for newly updated voxel sculpting app shows instancing in use on 29 million triangle scene. Read More »

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