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Cinema 4D plugin Ricochet fills your scenes with splines

Thursday, June 17th, 2021 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Rocket Lasso has released Ricochet, an appealing new Cinema 4D plugin that automatically animates splines… well, ricocheting around a 3D scene.

The software can be used for a range of motion graphics and VFX tasks, ranging from creating cobwebs and energy bursts, to filling the volumes of 3D models to mimic woven materials.

A cool tool for creating motion graphics and FUI elements in Cinema 4D
Ricochet automatically animates splines bouncing around a scene, within the volume of a 3D model, or wrapping over a 3D surface, in some pretty crazy and colourful ways.

As well as the plugin’s built-in controls for spline orientation, length. colour and rate, the results can be modified by Cinema 4D’s native toolsets like Fields.

The plugin precalculates the path of the splines, so the effect isn’t dependent on the preceding frame, as a conventional particle simulation would be.

The demo video above gives an idea of the range of uses to which it can be put, from creating energy effects and FUI elements to filling models with interlacing structures that resemble wickerwork or bone.

Rocket Lasso founder Chris Schmidt has a track record of Cinema 4D tools development, having previously been director of 3D product design at Greyscalegorilla, and Richochet is being promoted by Maxon itself.

Pricing and system requirements
Ricochet is available for Cinema 4D R20+ on Windows and macOS. The plugin supports “all Cinema 4D rendering engines, including Sketch and Toon, as well as third-party renderers”. It costs $79.97.

Read more about Richochet for Cinema 4D on Rocket Lasso’s website

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