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Eye candy: Autodesk’s 2016 VFX reel

Friday, November 18th, 2016 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Originally posted on 19 April 2016. Updated 18 November 2016 with a new version of the reel.

As if all of its news announcements at NAB 2016 weren’t enough, Autodesk has posted its new VFX reel to coincide with the show, showcasing some of the best recent work to use its 3D and finishing tools.

Given that NAB is a broadcast event, there’s a lot of nice TV work, from Syfy’s The Expanse – in the shape of Rocket Science‘s VFX – to excellent ads from the likes of Nexus, Zero VFX and Korea’s Four Nines.

However, there’s also an interesting range of movie work: as well as Hollywood blockbusters like The Martian and Ant-Man, the reel features Chinese fantasy Monster Hunt and Russian animation Bell and Sword.

And there are two wonderful independent shorts of completely different types: Moonbot Studios’ historical fantasy Taking Flight, and David Sandberg and Fido’s loving 80s pastiche Kung Fury.

Check them all out above.

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