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Check system performance with BlenchMark

Monday, July 28th, 2014 | Posted by Jim Thacker

New Blender-based benchmark BlenchMark uses the Cycles renderer to test the performance of your system’s CPU and GPU and reports the results to a central website so that everyone can compare data.

Blender user MAD-Creations (his parents know him as ‘Mark’) has released BlenchMark: a free GPU and CPU benchmarking tool that runs inside Blender and automatically sends test results back to a central website.

The benchmark is based on Blender’s Cycles renderer, so if you’re a Blender user, you can track the increase in rendering performance for a specific hardware configuration over successive releases of the software.

And even if you aren’t a Blender user, the test results give an interesting guide to the relative compute performance of different CPUs and graphics cards.

At time of writing, the Blenchmark link had just been posted on BlenderNation, with the resulting surge of data doing funny things to the summary chart, but with any luck, that will have been fixed by the time you read this.

Read more about BlenchMark on the MAD-Creations website
(Includes download link and searchable database of test results)

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