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XYZ RGB releases ScannerKiller standalone

Friday, September 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Jim Thacker

ScannerKiller’s technology in action at Siggraph 2011.

XYZ RGB has launched a standalone version of its formerly online-only image-based modelling system, ScannerKiller.

According to a post on the company forum: “The standalone version has many more features [including] multiple 3D outputs, auto-masking and various sliders to set the processing parameters. But the biggest feature is a time saving: no waiting on uploads or downloading your extracted data.”

“Plus, processing time is much faster – about 3 minutes on your PC vs. 15 minutes on the server.”

ScannerKiller Software Suite has an MSRP of $399.99, and is currently available at a launch discount price of $299.99. The software is available for Windows in 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

Updated 23 September

We spoke to XYZ RGB CEO Helmut Kungl, who told us: “The new standalone version is the best of our Scanner Killer Pro suite, but without some of the extra ‘bells and whistles’ we employ in the film industry.”

“The Scanner Killer software has become a standard on film sets. We recently shot on set with 10 RED Epic [HDR cameras] for a major feature film: the cameras were simply pre-calibrated and any 3D data required thereafter was pulled from the stereo footage.”

Asked whether Autodesk’s Project Photofly had cut into the market for other online image-based modelling services, Kungl commented:

“I think Photofly is a nice complimentary solution but it doesn’t boast our accuracy or resolution. Our stereo algorithm is the best in the world, and was developed over five years at [a cost of] about $2,000,000.”

The Scanner Killer software offers an accuracy of 200 microns at 1mm spatial resolution and a spatial resolution of 400+ microns.

Visit the ScannerKiller website

Download a 30-day trial of ScannerKiller Software Suite
(Registration required: go to the Download tab)

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