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Eye candy: Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 | Posted by Jim Thacker

What would happen if happen if Chuck Jones had sat down to create a new Looney Tunes short after a hard night of Team Fortress 2 and… uh, some recreational pharmaceuticals?

Answer: the result would probably look something like Mac ‘n’ Cheese, a brilliant short by Tom Hankins, Gijs van Kooten, Guido Puijk and Roy Nieterau at Utrecht School of Arts, which has just been released in full online.

With its high-speed slapstick and kinetic editing style, it’s a blast from start to finish. Some lovely painterly artwork, too – although you’ll probably have to play it through twice before you can focus on that.

Visit the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Vimeo channel

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