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Big Buck Bunny stars in 3Dconnexion mouse ad

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 | Posted by Jim Thacker


Some advertisers rely on actors to promote their products. Some prefer sports stars. 3Dconnexion has taken a rather more lateral approach to celebrity endorsement: its current ad features Big Buck Bunny.

The eponymous star of the Blender Foundation‘s animated ‘open movie’ can be heard extolling the virtues of 3Dconnexion’s input devices – a double surprise, given that the original short is a silent comedy.

However you feel about open-source mascots being used to advertise commercial products, the video does rather neatly make the point Blender is now one of the apps supported natively by 3Dconnexion hardware – a status it has gained before either Softimage or LightWave.

And at least the advertisers gave Buck an accent appropriate to that of Blender’s Dutch development team.

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