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Thinkbox Software releases new Frost sneak peek

Monday, March 14th, 2011 | Posted by Jim Thacker

YouTube Preview Image

Thinkbox Software has released a new preview movie for its upcoming software product, Frost.

Exactly what Frost is, or will do, has not been publicly disclosed yet, but one of its functions is meshing dense particle data: over the past month, demos have shown it at work on the data set from the Radiohead House of Cards promo, and creating organic meshes from Particle Flow systems.

The current demo is also cool, if not quite as visual: using SphereGizmos as particle sources in 3ds Max to create an effect like painting with metaballs.

Frost will be the company’s first release as Thinkbox Software. Its core development team comes from Frantic Films, previously acquired by the Prime Focus group, and now spun back out as a separate company.

The team is perhaps best known for its volumetric particle renderer, Krakatoa – seen used in conjunction with Frost in the original demo movie.

View the other Frost demo movies here

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  • angel

    It looks like a very burocratic tool to use, to many steps to set up before it starts doing something.

  • Bobo


    This would be true if what the video shows is the main way of using Frost. This is actually one of the more obscure workflows, but I thought it would be cool to show it. Probably not optimal for first impression, as it appears ;o)
    To create a Frost object out of any number of particle sources, you just select them in the viewport and hit the Frost icon. The resulting mesher will not only add them automatically to its list, but also center itself to their common center and average its color from the wirecolors of all sources.
    Try that with BlobMesh or the other 3rd party meshers and see how long it takes :o)

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