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Tech preview: TopoGun 2.0

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Jim Thacker
TopoGun 2.0’s new Morpher extension in action. The tool transfers data between the reference model and the scene geometry, and can be used to generate low-poly blendshapes based on the original hi-res facial sculpts.

Pixelmachine has released a set of preview videos for the next version of TopoGun, its standalone resurfacing and map-baking software. The software offers an interesting alternative to apps like 3D-Coat or ZBrush for retopologising sculpts or surfacing scan data.

New features in TopoGun 2.0 include a range of new retoplogy tools, support for symmetry planes and symmetrical warping, and the new Morpher extension (shown above) for transferring modifications made to the reference mesh back to the scene geometry.

Beta testing for TopoGun 2.0 will begin in “a matter of days”. The upgrade will be free to users of version 1.x, which costs $100.

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