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Get a job in visual effects, earn just $8 an hour

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Need proof the recession is still biting? Campaigning blog VFX Soldier has just turned up an example of a minimum-wage job in visual effects. The position, advertised last week on Craigslist by an unnamed studio in Longwood, Florida, pays just $8 an hour.

Not entirely surprisingly, it’s for the dimensionalisation of stereoscopic footage – a job quickly becoming the ultimate low-status entry point into the industry – and is advertised as “no previous experience required”.

Read the original VFX Soldier blog post here (The original ad doesn’t seem to be on Craigslist any more)

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  • Meat puppet

    That’s nothing. In Utah those cheep bastards will either lie to your face and say that you will be paid what your worth and you wont see a dime, or they will expect you to slave away 3 weeks + and only pay you $200. This is why I moved to L.A. because I will NEVER WORK FOR A MORMON again!

  • LULZ

    Any specific reason you used that picture for the article? Those are Russian coins. I thought the article was going to compare wages for VFX jobs across the globe, because $8/hour in Russia would be like a goldmine.

  • Gustavo

    Wow, no experience required?! That will make some nice stereo-converted movies… NOT!

  • Just another example of why I need to move out of this state. The VFX economy here is slowly dying off if not already completely comatose.

  • @LULZ: The short answer is ‘because it was the only free stock image of coins I could find yesterday’. I’ve just updated it. 😉

    (You actually made me wonder how much VFX artists do earn in Russia. I couldn’t find any specific figures, but according to, the average wage there is 3.69 times lower than in the US, so I guess $8/hour would be reasonable, but not excessive.)

  • to LULZ

    1. The coins in the picture are not russain. U need to look more carefully.
    2. 8$ in Russia is starting price only for 0 experience students. In Russia usually u get as low as 2000$ month. Of course, depends in what region u live.

  • I’ve actually updated the image now. The original photo did show Russian coins, so I was caught fair and square. 😉

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