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Video: free 90-minute Houdini networks tutorial

Friday, November 12th, 2010 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Side Effects produces some excellent supporting materials for Houdini, and its latest, the GO | Procedural user guide, is no exception.

The company has just made three chapters of the guide, which is aimed at introducing new users to Houdini’s procedural workflow, available online for free. Each features a PDF guide and a supporting video.

The first two, providing an overview of the software, and a ‘quickstart’ guide covering the rigid body dynamics, are great. The third, providing an introduction to nodes and networks, is truly awesome.

The 90-minute video (shown at top of post) and accompanying 66-page PDF explain how to create a custom tool that will convert any model into a set of bricks, and animate them appearing and disappearing over time. Full project files are provided for download.

But best of all, to our minds, is the user comment posted for the video on Vimeo, which reads, simply: “Fantastic. Keep going on. It is pleasure like sex with beautiful wife.”

What higher recommendation could there possibly be?

Read the Introduction to the guide online

Read Chapter One online (rigid body dynamics)

Read Chapter Two online (nodes and networks)

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