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The horrors of VFX contract negotiation exposed

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Entertainment union IATSE has posted a graphic guide to the horrors of contract negotiation in the visual effects industry. The video features a hapless VFX artist trying – and failing – to get paid anything approaching reasonable overtime for a series of contract jobs.

It forms a nice counterpart to VFX supervisor Allan McKay’s online essay about burnout in the 3D industry. If you’ve ever been through the process – or even if you haven’t – it’s certain to raise a wry smile.

Update: IATSE has just announced an ‘organizing campaign’ amongst VFX artists (essentially, a membership drive to bring more studios under union representation). fxguide has the full story, along with a copy of IATSE’s open letter to (non-union) industry body the Visual Effects Society.

Visit IATSE Local 891 online

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