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Video: Master RealFlow 5’s Hybrido fluid solver

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 | Posted by Jim Thacker

RealFlow user Juan Carlos Osorio has released a new three-part series of video tutorials aimed at introducing new users to RealFlow 5.

The tutorials, which are all recorded in HD, explore one of RealFlow 5’s key new features: the Hybrido hybrid grid/particle-based fluid solver.

Each video introduces fundamental concepts at a steady pace, ultimately resulting in a simple simulation of a wave breaking in a fixed volume, complete with secondary splashes, mist and foam.

You can check out the videos below. We’ve also compiled a short list of links to some of the other RealFlow 5 training currently available online, which you can find at the foot of this story.

Hybrido tutorial: Part 1

Hybrido tutorial: Part 2

Hybrido tutorial: Part 3

More RealFlow 5 tutorials

Next Limit’s own beginners’ tutorials

Large series of RealFlow tutorials by VFX house Hyperorganic

onlyCreativity’s Hybrido tutorial (includes downloadable start scene)

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  • Great tutorial! Found it very helpful 😉 Cheers!

  • Hi there,

    Great tutorial! Really like that adding of the foam and splash has been simplified a bit in RF 5. But what I’m really interested in, is how to get from a good looking RF simulation, to a photorealistic render. The fluids, ok, I get them, but the extra particles like foam and such. How do I make sure that my render (3ds max & vray) will look ok with the foam and splash particles?

  • maxer

    realflow sucks lagoa rocks

  • Francesco

    Many thanks for the tutorial! Very appreciated!

  • Caliber

    Great tutorials ! Thank you very much to share it

  • Cemal

    Wow.Very useful tutorial.Thank you.

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