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Firefall Cinematic Trailer

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 | Posted by Sanaa Khan


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  • Mario Sanchez


  • Brian

    Pity… it would have been much cooler if hordes of bug-like aliens or tough people in big armor covered in glowing lights were in anyway new. They even used the completely recycled “thumper” concept. Tragic waste of a perfectly good pretty trailer.

  • cgmax

    Very nice cg… that’s all. Script is boring and banal, female character has the same face as in all other trailers (you know what I mean), guns and costumes are ridiculous. There is only one fun thing at the beginning – forcing the robo-bot to work 🙂

  • Vu

    It should be good but according to what present here there are couple things need to work : cinematic feel on environment, space present is so small, it is just like a small stage for a play, graphic so clear and material look like plastic. Character design for big guy armor I have to say that was a copy from Starcraft 2 marine concept. The alien look perfect like zergling in Starcraft 2, girl with transform gun really weak as firepower, with a transform like that action on firepower should be more power. This is not a cinematic yet.

  • dami

    who did this?

  • Gekeeke

    Blur Studio

  • , I liked a lot this cinematic trailer, very interesting this design the design of armor, weapons, very good! I hope more news and videos about this game

  • Fabio

    Boring. For a second, I thought it was a spin-off to the Starcraft series. Even the characters and specially the armor all reminisce of Blizzard’s.

  • Nathan

    Looks like a cross between Borderlands, Lost planet, and Startcraft. Good CG, but thats all.

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