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Shaderbox Renderman Shader Management Tool Beta

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 | Posted by Leonard Teo

ShaderBox is a RenderMan Shader Management Tool which gives users an easy, node-based, visual representation of shaders for RenderMan. ShaderBox is currently in beta and is available for download as Windows and Linux binaries. Pick it up over here.

According to the website:

ShaderBox is a visual node based RenderMan shader management tool. It provides a customized workflow to create RenderMan shaders interactively in a nicely arranged graphical user interface. Artists and other professionals can quickly create RenderMan shaders and no programming is required. The tool is aimed for 3D artists as well as TDs and shader writers, how ever it slightly gives more weightage to 3D artists by providing an easy and straight forward environment to build shaders. Using ShaderBox artists can truly enjoy the creative aspect of building RenderMan shaders. In the hand of a skilled shader writer ShaderBox put more control where they can easily build node template of a RenderMan shader and expend the node library. This eventually benefits the entire development process and artists or less technical people of all levels can be a part of shading pipeline.

These are some of the core features of ShaderBox.

  • Customized Interface
  • Canvas navigation. (Zoom, Pan, Region Zoom, Region Selection etc.)
  • Multiple shader creation in tabbed interface.
  • Live preview mode.
  • Easy XML based shader templates.
  • Function or code based shaders.
  • Intuitive Attribute Editor.
  • Collapsible visual node on canvas.
  • Attribute as shader parameters.
  • Shader annotations.
  • Color coded connections.
  • Connection Manager (New)
  • Copy/Paste node network in between shaders. (New)
  • Selective AOV compilation. (New)
  • Pipeline integration using comm port.

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