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Maxon posts epic 200-part Cinema 4D video series

Monday, February 4th, 2013 | Posted by Jim Thacker

The trailer for Junior Extra Terrestrial. Maxon is to make V. ‘Dr. Sassi’ Sassmannshausen’s series of 200 video tutorials exploring the creation of his award-winning VFX short available on its Cineversity training site.

Maxon is to make 200 video tutorials available via its Cineversity training website breaking down the process of creating a visual effects short in Cinema 4D “from conception to execution”.

Recorded by V. ‘Dr. Sassi’ Sassmannshausen, the epic JET Production Notes series draws on the making of Sassi’s award-winning one-man short, Junior Extra Terrestrial.

Real-world skills, grounded in theory
The series aims to ground 3D production techniques in underlying technological and artistic principles.

“Animators and VFX artists sometimes have limited or no fundamental education before joining studios and often find they need to run before they learn to walk,” said Sassi. “With this new series I hope to fill in some gaps. My goal is to take a vast amount of filmmaking and 3D animation info and break it down into simple, yet valuable methods, ideas and knowledge — not flashy and cool tricks.”

The videos are divided into seven themed sections, one of which will be released each week between now and 18 March. The first, which is available now, covers integrating 3D models into practical footage.

(Note: we’re not sure how many of the videos you’ll be able to watch for free. Of the first batch, only the first is freely accessible – for the rest, you’ll need a $295 Premium membership.)

Watch the Integration section of the JET Production Notes videos on Cineversity

Read a list of the upcoming sections in Maxon’s official news release

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