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Watch the making of the VFX for The Troll Hunter

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Shaun the stunt sheep practises his footwork for a scene in cult mockumentary The Troll Hunter.

One of last year’s most pleasant surprises at the cinema was Norwegian action comedy The Troll Hunter.

A Blair Witch-style mockumentary about a secret government agency dedicated to culling wild trolls, The Troll Hunter boasts some impressive creature effects for a low-budget film – particularly when you consider the VFX team for one of the key sequences consisted of just two people.

Max Underground has just published a great article by Rune Spaans on how those effects were created, which should be required reading for anyone thinking of setting up a 3ds Max pipeline.

As well as some insights into using Dropbox and Spaans’ own Super Tools script collection, the article features some lovely work-in-progress videos of Shaun, the movie’s ‘stunt sheep’.

Oh, and trolls. Lots of trolls.

Read Rune Spaans’ article on the VFX of The Troll Hunter on Max Underground

Visit Rune Spaans’ website

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