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Matte Painting | May

Thursday, July 21st, 2011 | Posted by CG Channel Administration

StarShip Troopers

The federation had enough,

We are going to Clandatoo to destroy the bugs once and for all. The Terran federation has established a surveillance base in front of the bug’s main cave entrance. We will be striking at 12:00.

Ricco! You’re squad leader until I find someone better.

CGC Matte Painting guidelines | Starship Troopers

1) The matte painting is an establishing shot of the Clandatoo Terran Federation base or the Bugs tunnels and base entrance.
2) The aspect ratio of your final image should be: Panavision 3 perf 35mm
3) The final resolution output of your piece should be: 1920 x ####
4) The piece should incorporate at least one photograph, the plate*.
5) The piece should incorporate at least one 3D element.

A plate is provided for you here and you have the choice between two different cameras.
The resolution of the original plate material is high, you might want to downrez it to suite your machine capabilities. Try to make your workflow light and efficient to promote fast turnaround.

Plate Camera A:…7623328986830/

Plate Camera B:…57623328986830

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