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Matte Painting | November

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 | Posted by CG Channel Administration

Avatar II – The deep seas of Pandora

Pandora’s deep sea canyons, 1295 feet bellow sea level…

During the second round of research to find infinite sources of unobtainium, a deep sea drone unit reported a strong presence of an unidentified mass of alloys and other metallic substances, somewhere in the deepest unexplored canyons of Pandora’s seas.

The scale and the mass reported by the drone was the equivalent of a few city blocks long, which seems abnormal for the region in which the readout was captured. Under water drones sometimes report false reading due to the intense pressure found at any dives bellow a thousand feet. The readout also showed no activity or organic body temperature of any kind. Only a very strange, overly sized silhouette.

Once a second drone was sent and confirmed a similar signal, an exploration crew was assembled to go record higher quality visuals of the site and investigate any potential discovery. Once arrived on site, the presence, the scale of which appear to be a transporter cargo has for some reason ended it’s course all the way down here, 1295 feet bellow. And by the look of it, this must have happened quite some time ago. The fuselage shows some pretty significant deterioration and coral growth.

The strange thing is, the engineering doesn’t have anything to do with the indigenes. It’s forms and overall ergonomic definitely reflects a high intelligence, but the function, or purpose of the ship seems industrial by the look of it.

… To be continued

CGC Matte Painting guidelines

The matte painting is an establishing shot of an under water scenery showing the wrecked fuselage of a gigantic transporter from another kind.

1) The design of the transport ship should convey the size of a city block.
2) The aspect ratio of your final image should be: IMAX full gate
3) The final resolution output of your piece should be: 1920 x ####
4) The piece should incorporate at least one photograph, the plate*.
5) The piece should incorporate at least one 3D element.

*note: The 3D element doesn’t have to be a final element. It can be used as general blocking tool i.e. cubes to guide you with perspective or general layout. Note that you are more than welcome to create final 3D assets to incorporate in your piece.

– J

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