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Vancouver councillor calls for more VFX unionisation

Monday, December 20th, 2010 | Posted by Jim Thacker

We reported last month on IATSE’s organizing campaign within the VFX industry. Now a Vancouver city councillor has joined in the call for better unionisation of local visual effects artists.

The city is home to around 30 digital effects firms, including branches of Pixar, Digital Domain, Prime Focus and MPC, many drawn by favourable local tax conditions.

As one anonymous artist reported in Geoff Meggs’ blog posting comments: “I do good work, I work long hours. I need dental and health benefits. If I work in a warehouse, I get benefits. Why not as a VFX artist?”

According to Meggs: “Far from hurting the industry, stable wages and benefits should improve the productivity and quality of growing [local] VFX firms.”

“Vancouver remains a Hollywood favourite because of the quality of its crews, its labour stability and its sophisticated studio infrastructure, [IATSE’s Dusty] Kelly notes, all operated by unionized workers. It’s time for the VFX sector to get aligned with that reality.”

Read the full blog post here

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2 responses to “Vancouver councillor calls for more VFX unionisation”

  1. Meat Puppet said:

    Oh don’t worry it wont be long before those companies open up shop in singapore or some other place where you can buy a wage slave for a nickel a day like George did. It was mentioned that a warehouse worker gets benefits. And a VFX person dosn’t. That’s because there is a physical tie to the service being provided at that warehouse, Big machinery providing a service or some sort usually turning a local natural resource into a form of goods. The Vfx industry is as mobile as you can get as an industry there is no need for a factory and the goods are the still frames being produced. If the people are the resources being used to create the images why not get the cheapest people you can, and train them on the software? Oh I’m sorry did you think your special? Did you think you were the only one who can use maya? It’s called business and I fear that vancouver will see a mass exodus of companies and studios leaving the area. Is it Immoral? yes, is it unethical ? yes … it is business? Yes!

    4:09 pm on Tuesday, December 21, 2010

  2. annon said:

    response to Meatpuppet.
    That’s the line you have been fed, Is there any evidence that companies will leave Vancouver?
    In the United States your goverment is gleefully sending jobs overseas. In Canada we the poeple work to keep them here.

    The film industry in Vancouver is strong. and very union. 30 crews, skilled union are making films every day here.

    We stand together or not at all.

    You can work now to create a better, sustainable, skilled, fair paid industry. Or at 40 you can start all over again in another carreer. dust off your hands and

    it’s your choice. we need you man, we need everyone to get togother and demand fair working conditions.

    4:50 pm on Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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