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Visual Effects | September

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 | Posted by Sanaa Khan

Vaporizing Character Effect

This is hypothetical:

We have been offered a effect in a film and we are competing with other studios to generate an effect where the main actor vanishes and then appears somewhere else in the shot. The main thing is the look of the effect. The director suggested the character vaporizes in some kind of mist or smoke and then the same effect also forms him back but he is up for suggestions. He wants to see tests over any kind of background and it can be a locked off shot, so we don’t have to worry about tracking. This is a R&D test but the better the look the more we have a chance of being awarded the show.


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First Place

YouTube Preview Image

Second Place

YouTube Preview Image

Third Place

YouTube Preview Image

Honorable Mention

YouTube Preview Image


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  • Waterlily75

    Wow, gratz to first and third! Nice to see an honorable mention to an unfinished piece that didn’t even enter. Second place to an entry that didn’t follow the described rules.

  • Jaxko

    awesome work guys!
    I personally love proudflesh’s entry.

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