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Autodesk releases Maya 2011 Hotfix 2

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 | Posted by Leonard Teo

For those of you using Maya 2011, Autodesk has released Hotfix 2 which fixes numerous bugs in the software package.

Download is available here.

Bug fixes from the readme:

  • Attach existing Fluid cache doesn’t hook up channels properly
  • Batch rendering cached fluid is slow for advanced frames
  • Film offset can cause render artifacts
  • CER on Mac 32 bit hangs with beach ball
  • Hide zero column is broken in component editor
  • Playblast is hardcoded to 24 fps
  • Change the default setting for Trax colors
  • Render view contrast/exposure
  • Hidden geometry casts shadows in renderPass node AE in JP Maya
  • Wacom in Maya not working under FC12
  • Joint orientation doesn’t match previous versions of Maya
  • Mesh reduction crashes Maya
  • Problems when reassigning a resizable Fluid cache
  • Maya crashes when editing interactive bind
  • Render view overrides all other windows in OSX
  • Changing the light type in floating Attribute Editor crashes Maya
  • ikBlend causes flip of IK bones in 2011 using anything but XYZ orientation
  • CER crash when pressing Shift + G hotkey (Mac and Linux)
  • CER crash when loading TGA files with Unicode characters
  • Mesh > Separate crashes Maya with R6025 run?time error

Autodesk Maya 2011 Hotfix 2


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