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Looking for Tutorial Contributors

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 | Posted by Leonard Teo

For over a decade, CG Channel has served the digital entertainment arts community with relevant news, features and tutorials. With CG Channel now run by Gnomon School of Visual Effects, we are more dedicated than ever to bringing you the best, most relevant material on the web. As such, we’re also focused on education and training the next generation of digital entertainment artists!

Looking for Tutorials

We are currently seeking out tutorials (either written or video) for publishing on CG Channel. Tutorials can be either in written format or screencast.

Payment and Benefits
As payment for publishing tutorials, authors will receive a one-year subscription to The Gnomon Workshop valued at $299/year. With hundreds of DVD titles to watch, produced by professionals working in the field, this is arguably the most high-end training resource for digital entertainment professionals available. We also know the going rate for tutorials at most other websites and magazines, and we know that this is a generous offer!

One of the major benefits of being published on CG Channel is that you are seen by thousands of professionals worldwide. This is a great way for you to get publicity, while getting paid and giving something back to the community.

Screencast Tutorials
Screencasts are recorded videos of your screen as you work and explain a technique. Screencasts must:

  • Be at least 20 minutes in length.
  • Contain clear, understandable voice over audio in English.
  • Recorded at a at least 1024×768 (preferably higher), 15fps.
  • Have high resolution imagery to accompany and promote the tutorial.

Written Tutorials
Written tutorials are step-by-step instructions accompanied by images or video. Although video is very popular, written tutorials are still of immensely useful value and many people find it faster to go through a written tutorial than watch a video. Written tutorials must:

  • Have at least 20 individual steps with one image per step.
  • Each image must be at high or native resolution. E.g. if it is a screen shot, it should be at the size of the screen and not compressed down.

In general, we are looking for tutorials on topics that are relevant to professional digital entertainment production in film, games and broadcast. So, although topics like design and visualization do fall into the realm of CG, our focus is entirely on producing digital entertainment.

General topics that we’re interested in:

  • 3D and Visual Effects
    • Modeling
    • Texturing
    • Materials
    • Shading
    • Lighting and Rendering
    • Rigging
    • Animation
    • Simulation
    • Compositing
    • Visual Effects
  • 2D
    • Digital Painting
    • Concept Art / Design
    • Matte Painting

In terms of tools, we do have a general bias towards the tools that are used mostly in professional digital entertainment production (we might as well say that up front). We are aware that there are many 3D/CG software available today but we are deliberately focused on the professional digital entertainment creation industry.

Originality and Plagiarism

  • Tutorials submitted to CG Channel must be original and not have been published on other websites.
  • Offenders will have payment withheld.

Get started!
If you’d like to propose a tutorial for CG Channel, please contact Leonard Teo.


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