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iSculptor modeling app for iPhone/iPad

Friday, May 7th, 2010 | Posted by Leonard Teo

If you’ve been thinking about doing some 3D modeling on an iPhone (or potentially an iPad), check out Lost Pencil’s 3D modeling application iSculptor. The app, though on a small form factor, looks like it has a fairly comprehensive modeling feature set already. Below is a quick introductory video, but if interested, check out the entire set of tutorials over at the iSculptor website.

How to model a chair using iSculptor™

Description from the website:

iSculptor™ is a complete 3d modeling application for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad, that allows you to create and modify 3d objects.

Using email, you can email your 3d objects to anyone. With its free sister Macintosh® application, iSculptorNet™, you can import and export 3d models into and out of iSculptor™ (using the Wavefront OBJ file format).

iSculptor™ gives you the ability to create 3d models anywhere! We hope you have as much fun with our app as we do!


  • full unlimited undo capability (undo camera rotation, pan, zoom, 3d element selection, and model editing)
  • rotate, pan, zoom camera
  • limit camera rotation to 45 degree increments for simulation of front, side, back, and top views
  • individual selection of vertices and polygons (additive selection mode)
  • marquee selection of vertices
  • convert vertex selection to polygons and polygon selection to vertices
  • grow polygon selection
  • move vertices and polygons (along the view plane or along polygon normals)
  • align vertices
  • merge vertices
  • split polygon loop
  • triangulate, quadrangulate
  • extrude polygons (combined and individual)
  • scale polygons or vertex selections
  • perspective or orthographic mode
  • wireframe or shaded view
  • models can be made up of different mesh pieces, but all of them must conform to the model limitations

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