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Animating a Blockbuster: How Pixar Built Toy Story 3

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 | Posted by Leonard Teo

Jonah Lehrer over at Wired Magazine has written a nice feature about the process of how Pixar made Toy Story 3. Since 1995, starting with Toy Story, Pixar has produced nine films and every one has been a success. How do they do it?

Quote: Pixar’s secret? Its unusual creative process. Most of the time, a studio assembles a cast of freelance professionals to work on a single project and cuts them loose when the picture is done. At Pixar, a staff of writers, directors, animators, and technicians move from project to project. As a result, the studio has built a team of moviemakers who know and trust one another in ways unimaginable on most sets.

Animating a Blockbuster: How Pixar Built Toy Story 3


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