Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Check out new 3ds Max UV unwrapping plugin UVReactor

RapidMXS – aka Octopus plugin developer Miklós Gábor – has released UVReactor, a high-performance new UV unwrapping and UV packing plugin for 3ds Max.

The add-on promises to unwrap and pack even multi-million-poly models in seconds and follows 3ds Max’s standard workflow and UI conventions.

A high-performance UV unwrapping plugin for 3ds Max
In development for five years, UVReactor is a high-performance automated UV unwrapping and UV packing plugin for 3ds Max.

It’s CPU-based and runs in a single CPU thread, making use of the AVX2 instruction set to accelerate processing.

Gábor pitches UVReactor as doing “eight times more work [in one CPU cycle] than most UV editors”, remaining “extremely responsive” even on multi-million-poly models.

Follows familiar 3ds Max workflows
Although the feature set is still relatively limited in the initial release, UVReactor features toolsets for unwrapping and packing UVs, and setting texel density.

It works with 3ds Max’s native Graphite Modeling Tools, and follows standard 3ds Max workflows, using the same hotkeys as the viewport and native UV Editor.

Other selling points include built-in UV cleanup, automatically resolving common UV artefacts, and the option to stitch multiple UV shells simultaneously.

Currently no support for UDIMs or modifier stacks
UVReactor currently only supports Editable Poly objects rather than the Edit Poly modifier, but Gábor plans to add a dedicated UVReactor modifier in a future update.

Support for UDIM workflows is also planned for future releases.

Pricing and system requirements
UVReactor is compatible with 3ds Max 2020+.

Perpetual Indie licenses, for artists with revenue under $100,000/year, have a MSRP of €150 (around $163). Pro licenses have a MSRP of €300 ($325).

Read more about UVReactor for 3ds Max on the product website

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