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Pulze ships Post Manager

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Pulze, the tools development spin-off of architectural visualisation firm Brick Visual, has released Post Manager, a new post-production workflow tool for Photoshop.

The software is designed to automate the process of building and maintaining complex Photoshop files based on V-Ray and Corona Renderer render elements.

Automatically build and updated composite visualisation images based on 3D render elements
Post Manager automatically builds Photoshop files for composite images from sets of raw render elements, based on templates specifiying layer group structure, blending modes and opacity.

The software comes with built-in templates designed for architectural work, but users can also build them from scratch or copy the stucture of existing documents.

When importing a V-Ray Multimatte render element, Post Manager can automatically create three separate layer groups, each using a different primary colour channel as a mask.

It can also analyse existing documents, identify layers based on render elements and update them with newer versions, with the option to resize the document to match the resolution of the new elements.

Part of a range of professional workflow tools for architectural visualisation
Post Manager is Pulze’s second workflow utility, following last year’s Scene Manager, intended to help keep large 3ds Max scenes organised.

A third tool, the self-descriptive Render Manager, is currently in development.

All were developed with input from large architectural firms, including SOM and Woods Bagot, and are intended for serious visualisation work.

Pricing and system requirements
Post Manager is compatible with Photoshop CC 2018+ and render elements generated in V-Ray or Corona.

It’s rental-only, with a list price of €75/year (around $84/year), although at the time of posting, the software is currently on sale at a launch discount.

Read more about Post Manager on Pulze’s website

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