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Search for CG jobs and studios with VFX world maps

Sunday, April 21st, 2019 | Posted by Jim Thacker


Originally posted on 1 September 2014. Scroll down for updates.

Need a quick way to find CG companies near you? New site VFX World Map may be what you’re looking for.

A searchable online directory of visual effects and animation studios, the site does exactly what the name suggests: it brings back listings within a set distance of a search location, and displays them on a map.

You can filter results by market sector (feature films, commercials, cinematics, episodic TV, and so on), and there’s also the option to use the name of a software package as a keyword when searching for jobs.

Coverage is pretty good for large cities, but thinner elsewhere. Still, the site has only been going less than a month, and it’s already a useful resource. Add a listing for your own studio, and it will get even better.

Updated 16 November 2021: The original VFX World Map site now seems to be defunct, but you can find newer alternatives listed further down this story.


Updated 5 September 2014: Community website VFX Serbia have been in touch to say that they are also creating their own world map.

It’s still a work in progress, but it’s based on the Google Maps Engine, so if you type in the name of a studio that isn’t currently on the list, Google will show you where it is in relation to the existing listings.


Updated 18 April 2019: Compositor, teacher and Foundry Nuke evangelist Jonas Almeida has also created a VFX world map, incorporating the input of many of his colleagues.

It’s also based on Google Maps, and currently features just under 700 pins distributed across the world, including both studios and major CG training schools.

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