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Ziva Dynamics launches new Ziva VFX Academic licences

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Ziva Dynamics has launched new Academic licences for Ziva VFX, its skin and muscle plugin for Maya.

The software is becoming an increasingly common part of visual effects pipelines, with current users including Scanline VFX, which recently used Ziva VFX in its work on The Meg,

The new Academic licences enable students and educators to use the software from $60/year, as opposed to the usual $500/year for Indie licences.

So how do the Academic licences differ from the existing free trials?
Ziva Dynamics has offered free commercial and non-commercial trial editions of Ziva VFX for some time now: something the new Academic licences seem partially designed to replace.

Whereas the non-commercial trial was originally available for 180-day periods, and renewable, that’s now down to 60 days, after which Ziva Dyamics “may be able to extend [it] depending on some factors which you’ll need to contact us about”, according to a recent post on the company’s forum.

Updated: Ziva Dynamics tells us that non-commercial trial has been available on a 60-day by-approval basis for over a year, so that hasn’t changed as a result of the Academic licences.

The new Academic licences are available to staff and students at “qualified educational institutions” for “personal studies, academic research, or educational curriculum”, and last a full year.

Unlike a trial, users get hotfixes, software updates and direct support. A node-locked Acedemic licence costs $60/year; a floating academic licence costs $100/year.

Pricing and availability
Ziva VFX is available for Maya 2014 and above, running on Windows 7+ or Linux.

As well as the Academic licences, the Indie edition of the software, aimed at solo artists, is rental-only, and costs $50/month or $500/year.

Read more about the new Academic licences for Ziva VFX on Ziva Dynamics’ website

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