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Behind the Scenes on Transformers WFC

Friday, April 16th, 2010 | Posted by Matt McCorkell | 4 comments

Everything from concept art to direction is covered in this great behind the scenes look at High Moon Studio’s upcoming game.

This behind the scenes look at High Moon Studios upcoming Transformers game includes interviews with Matt Tieger (game director), Jim Daly (Lead Concept Artist), Matt Krystek (Lead Game Designer), Ivan Power (Lead Artist), and Hasbro’s Senior Design Director – Aaron Archer.


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  • Mario Sanchez

    I am a gamer an all this cinematic looks pretty bad…and wait 20 some years to play a game like this is a waste of time…i feel sorry for that guy.

  • miniwatt

    I can see the headlines now…”High Moon Studios steal tranformers from Japan and makes game look like Final Fantasy VII on playstation 1″ ….Shinra Inc. files for bankruptcy…news at eleven…..

  • Meat Puppet

    Meh it looks like the tron game that came out a few years ago. Not that impressive. I think I’ll wait for it to hit the dollar bin at walmart.

  • Trond E.H.

    hmmm, hope it plays well. I’m sure gonna test it when the demo comes out.

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