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2D Gallery Eye Candy!

Monday, April 5th, 2010 | Posted by Matt McCorkell

Haven’t stopped by the gallery in a while? CG Channel has an incredible repository of images worth checking out. Below I’ve attached some of the more recent entries into the 2D section of our site. Click on the thumbs below to see the larger versions or to leave comments and critiques.

teety - Polar Colony ice

MikeHill - Heavy Unit Prototype

hillsite - Ice

LewisMcG - Drank The Wrong Potion

twhiteart - Big Red

colin michael ashcroft - The blaggard

michelangeloalmeida - Conan - The Cimmerian

ortheza - Water Nymph

alexgonzales - angel-demon

brubru - Bulding Aerodrome

mitsuk - Cliffside

For more artwork or if you want to see some of the artwork step-by-step stop by the WIP section or the Competition sections!


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