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Making of The Mummy 3 – Part 1

Monday, March 29th, 2010 | Article by Matt McCorkell & Robert Nelms (video) | 1 comment

The 3rd movie employed an overwhelming amount of CG and effects. Check out our event coverage from the Mummy ‘Making of’ event.

Learn how to demolish and animate Terracotta warriors in this event rebroadcast from Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Featuring presentations from Digital Domain’s  Hagzhi Tang (CG Lighting Supervisor), Jimmy Gordon (Technical Animation Supervisor), Lucio Flores (Senior FX Animator).

>> GO TO PART 2: Be sure to check out 2nd half of ‘Making of The Mummy 3′ for the rest of the presentation. Including  how snow avalanche effects were accomplished and the final Q&A.


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  • 3d models

    great movie and great effect work….

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