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Artists Gather to Support Victims of Breast Cancer

Monday, March 8th, 2010 | Posted by Matt McCorkell

Artists from around the video game and movie industries have come together under a common theme: Beautiful Grim.  Organized by Mythic concept artist Mike “Daarken” Lim and Dreamworks Animator Leif Jeffers, the fundraiser came together when Mike’s girlfriend, Cat Rey went through a bilateral mastectomy and 16 weeks of chemotherapy. Everyone knows that health care in the United States is substandard. In the end bill you receive can be devastating to your life and livelihood (even with health insurance). Money raised will go to support those costs and any excess amounts will be put directly towards a breast cancer charity.

The a lot of the artwork for the upcoming auction is available for viewing online.  While they are no longer accepting artwork for the show you can still contribute to the fund.  Please visit and donate today.

Support for the upcoming online auction has included contributions of personal artwork from over 200 artists from studios such as ArenaNet,  Big Fish Games,  BioWare, Blizzard, Blur, Blue Sky Studios, Disney, Dreamworks Animation, Electronic Arts,  Massive Black, Mythic, Offset,  Pixar, Rockstar, Red 5 Studios, and  Zynga.

CG Channel would like to commend the following artists for contributing their time and artwork to the efforts of

Aaron Coberly
Aaron Hartline
Aaron Miller
Aaron Smith
Adriana Stimac
Albert Ramos
Alena Wooten
Alex Ruiz
Andrew Jones
Andrew and Joanne Ley
Andy Brase
Anthony Francisco
Anthony Rivero
Anthony Waters
Ariel Soto
Arun Mathews
Audrey Genevieve Holland
Ayaka Hahn
Ben Jelter
Ben Thompson
Bill Thompson
Bob Walker
Bobby Chiu
Brandon Young
Carmen Chow
Carissa Susilo
Carsten Biernat
Chenoa Lindsey
Chris Appelhans
Chris Sanders
Christine Griffin
Christine Susilo
Christophe Lautrette
Christopher Hart
Chuck Lukacs
Chuck Pyle
Cole Eastburn
Craig Elliott
Cynthia Sheppard
Cyril Van Der Haegen
Dan Cole
Dan Harding
Dan Scott
Daniel Dociu
Daniel Dos Santos
Daniel Garcia
Danielle Pioli
Daren Bader
Daryl Mandryk
Darron Smith
Dave Kendall
Dave Warnke
David Ball
David Sondered
David Thierree
Dean DeBlois
Dennis Brown
Dominique Fung
Donato Giancola
Douang Khamsitthisack
Doug Williams
Douglas Sirois
Ed Ko
Eli Harris
Emmanuel Shiu
Eric Braddock
Eric Deschamps
Eric Favela
Eric Polak
Evan Hunt
Even Amundsen
Everett Downing
Fabio Lignini
Fernando Acosta
Francis A. Willey
Francisco Galarraga
Frank Lin
Freddie Williams
Fredy Martins
Gabriele Pennacchioli
Gayle Wheatley
Gerald de Jesus
Glenn Arthur
Griselda Sastrawinata
Guido Kuip
Helice Wen
Horia Dociu
Hugh Langis
Hyo-Jin Ahn
Irvin Rodriguez
Jake Hallstrom
James Baxter
James Dormer Schneider
Jamie Jang
Jancis Harleyquinn Taylor
Jason Juan
Jason Rosenstock
Jayel Draco
Jeff Miracola
Jeffrey Bruton
Jennifer Kearney
Jennifer Meyer
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Natividad
Jesper Ejsing
Jessa Sininger
Jessica Oyhenart
Jessica Van Hulle
Jessica Ward
Jim Pavelec
Joe Wilson
Jon Foster
Jon McCoy
Jonathan Kirtz
Josh Cole
Joy Ang
Juan de Dios Garza Vela
Julie Zarate
Justin “Coro” Kaufman
Kalen Chock
Kathleen Clinton
Katy Hargrove
Kei Acedera
Kekai Kotaki
Kevan Shorey
Khang Le
Kim Gilbert
Kristen Perry
Kyle Mccullough
L. Christopher Paul
Laura Jane Murphy
Leif Jeffers
Lettie Lo
Levi Hopkins
Lindsey Messecar
Lisa Evans
Lisa Mistiuk
Lucas Pandolfelli
Madeline Carol Matz
Maja Mahnich
Maja Stasni
Marc Holmes
Marcos Shih
Marie and Jerry Salinas
Marija Sinel
Mark Nelson
Marko Djurdjevic
Martha Chan
Matt Barrett
Matt Stewart
Matthew Buck
Megan Wolfe
Michele Chang
Mike Corriero
Mike Franchina
Mike Loh
Mike Phillippi
Nancy Coviello
Nat Loh
Neal Thibodeaux
Nico Marlet
Norman Le
Olivier Staphylas
Patricia Smith
Paul Bonner
Peter Chan
Peter de Seve
Philipp Lehner
Pierre Perifel
Randy Gallegos
Ricardo Guimaraes
Richard Anderson
Richard Doble
Rick Sardinha
Rick Smith
Rini Sugianto
RK Post
Robert Revels
Robin Chyo
Rodolphe Guenoden
Ron Lemen
Ruel Pascual
Ryan Friant
Sal Thedarkcloak
Sam Hogg
Sarah Gonzalez
Scott Altmann
Scott McFall
Scott Wright
Serge Birault
Sergio Lopez
Shane Prigmore
Shawna Chan
Sherry DeLorme
Shyla Ford
Simon Christen
Simon Otto
Sol Palestina Cruz
Soutchay Soungpradith
Steve Javiel
Steven Belledin
Sunil Pant
Sven Sorich
Sylvia Ji
Sze Jones
Tamara Peklich
Ted Anderson
Ted Beargeon
Ted Pendergraft
Thomas Scholes
Tiffany Prothero
Todd Lockwood
Tom Bagshaw
Tony Maki
Tracy Flynn
Trevor Claxton
Tyler Scarlet
Tyler Walpole
Vanessa Zuloaga
Victoria Ying
Viktoria Novakovich
Virginie Ropars
Vlasta Pavlovich
Wayne England
Wes Burt
Willie Real
Willy Hwang
Xabiso Ndaba
Xiau-Fong Wee

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